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Geospatial specialized in highly accurate surveys on different materials using drones. These drones are equipped with a high-resolution digital camera (36 Mp) that has been geometrically calibrated to perform measurements. The measurements are based on the principle of photogrammetry whereby terrain heights are extracted from a series of overlapping images.

This method gives a number of advantages over traditional (land based) survey methods:

  1. Safe: people are not required to climb on steep and unstable stockpile slopes
  2. Fast: we can measure up to 100 ha in one day of survey.
  3. Accurate: typical accuracies of 20 mm are obtained.
  4. Complete: the method yields over 100 measurements per square meter giving a complete image and thus more accurate results.

Photographs are then taken of the stockpile using one of our small drones that is pre-programmed to follow a flight path and take the images at predefined locations. The location of the photographs is chosen such that a large overlap between the individual images is obtained.

The imagery is then processed using specialized software to create a point-cloud of all the measurements. Typically, the software will create over 10 points per square meter depending on the size of the stockpile. This can be as much as 100 points per square meter for smaller areas.