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Volume Calculations

Geospatial Research Limited is equipped with the latest technology for volume calculations. Volume calculation is key in mining to calculate the amount of stockpiles. Our surveyors are engaged to conduct volumetric calculation per month (end of month volume). These are calculated using:

  • Drone
  • Total Station
  • DGPS
  • Automatic Laser Scanners.

We deploy our high-tech drone for the efficient capturing of three-dimensional, digital surface data. With our drones, we generate 3D meshes, measurements, terrain models, and orthomosaic photos on inaccessible terrain in the shortest possible time without having to interrupt ongoing business operations in the process. Using drone technology gives several advantages over traditional (land-based) survey methods:

  • Accurate
  • Safe
  • Faster
  • Complete

Photos are then taken of the stockpile using drones that follow a flight path and takes the images at predefined locations. The location of the photographs is taken such that a large overlap between the individual images is obtained which is processed using photogrammetry software to calculate the volume of stockpiles.