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The topographic survey is for the determination of elevation, depth, and size of natural and man-made features. We are equipped with the latest survey equipment and our crews can work in the most rugged terrains to gather precise and accurate data you need for your project by guarantee accurate and timely results every time.

Measurements for topographic surveys are done with total station or DGPS. The results of the topographic survey are presented as spot height and contour lines on a map and can be done by computer software using CAD or GIS software. Our specialists can input this data to model how the topography may change over time.

Our esteem clients use the topographic surveys to determine the elevation of an area and plan features such as drainage ditches or other features for improvements. Our   professional surveyor, conduct a topographic survey for real estate and construction project by ensuring that the land’s features will be suitable for its intended use.

Reason for Topographic Surveys?

  • For detailing of an area that is prone to flooding
  • To determine the elevation or height for site design and roadways
  • For details of drainage pattern
  • To provide as-built details of site
  • To confirm manhole RIM elevations during construction

Our topographic surveys include existing ground height, elevations and contour lines, the location and elevation of existing infrastructure, and existing stormwater features, which are needed for the design and planning phases of any infrastructure projects.

The need for Topographic Surveys

Land survey services are asked to produce topographic surveys for:

  • Property improvement and environment restoration
  • Construction of infrastructure
  • Architectural projects
  • Real estate
  • Land development
  • Setting out of drainages.