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Cadastral Survey

We are a dedicated land survey company, Nigeria with over a decade of experience. We are known in the industry for our reliable, high-quality service and precise presentation of land dimensions. Geospatial Research Limited land surveyors are licensed by the Survey Council of Nigeria (SURCON) and we are committed to upholding our values of integrity and professionalism of the association.

We carry out a land survey by identifying and mapping the location of property ownership lines that mark the property corners of a parcel of land. A land survey is recommended before buying, subdividing, or altering a parcel of land by assuring you that your development is being built within your property boundaries as indicated. Registered land surveyors will deposit survey documents (red copy) to the survey general office of the state where the survey is carried out.

Our survey data will show you the exact boundaries, ownership of land, and address of the land. Our surveyors provide precise and accurate surveys by;

  • Marking of boundaries for construction purpose
  • Resolving disputed property boundaries by parties.
  • For building encroachment issues.
  • Confirming the location of features, property owners, and besides property boundaries.

The Importance Of Land Surveying

  • Surveying is the first process that needs to be completed before land development.
  • Properties boundary delineation must be accurately mapped out.
  • The land survey identifies the geographic features of the land.
  • The entirety of a development project is mapped for further planning.
  • Measurements and maps are produced and verified in the surveyor-general office
  • Land survey corrects the incorrect boundaries, the improper recording of utilities and easements. A proper land survey will correct these issues, which could have easily occurred over time.
  • If you are purchasing a property, intending to subdivide it into smaller lots that you can resell, land surveys are legally necessary.
  • For someone purchasing land, a land survey is important to know that encroachment hasn’t already occurred.