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Geospatial Research Limited team of professional surveyors and drone pilots can customize the As-Built survey to suit clients’ needs. An As-built survey can depict only the level of detail (elevation, contours, pipe sizes, and storm drain depths) the client requires for a specific phase of the project. This includes mapping of existing underground utilities or infrastructures which is detailed enough to be used for civil design purposes by engineers or architects throughout the development phase.

The Importance of An As-Built Survey

The As-built survey is for documenting the development of a project or its construction progress, the work scope often changes. It is also used to show what was constructed. The end product is a map.

As-built surveying shows continual development to the land as they appear at a particular point of time during construction. The as-built surveys confirm the exact location of a structure or land feature like a road as well as their proposed dimensions.

This helps to determine if the construction is following the built-to-plan standards or whether there are any deviations from it.  The as-built survey serves as a final document verifying the authorized work was completed to plan and meets necessary compliancy.  

To verify to authorities that the improvements comply with local codes of the state.

To obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), if a structure is already on the land and also verifying that the structure is deemed habitable

To provide a sequence of “snapshots” of the progress of construction, to ensure everything is on schedule, or to make changes to the schedule

To verify to a creditor that the developments being funded are being made accordingly

For field verification of the current state of your structure.