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Drone and Lidar Systems
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LiDAR Applications in Mining Site Management

From evaluating potential mining sites to generating models of open-pit mines, the integration of UAV LiDAR technology is pivotal in modern mining operations. Partnering with Geospatial Research LTD and leveraging our nationwide network of experienced, licensed pilots and project managers, mining companies are harnessing the power of LiDAR to acquire crucial data, simultaneously lowering costs, enhancing efficiency, and elevating safety standards at mining sites in Nigeria.
LiDAR Applications in Mining

LiDAR in Mine Mapping and Surveying

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) involves the utilization of LiDAR sensors mounted on drones to measure and analyze the surface characteristics of an open-pit mine or a pre-mining location. Continuous laser scanning captures surface details by measuring the time taken for light to travel from the sensor to the Earth’s surface and back. When combined with GPS data, this information forms a point cloud representing elevation points across the area. Licensed professionals then leverage this data to create precise, high-resolution elevation models and 3D maps.

Enhancing Mining Operations with LiDAR

Licensed professionals can effectively utilize LiDAR data at every phase of a mining project, from initial site inspection and surveying to operational planning and developing strategies for land reclamation at the project’s completion.

  • Improving Safety: Mines are frequently situated in remote and challenging terrains with steep slopes and unstable ground. Utilizing drones for data collection ensures the safety of your team by keeping them away from hazardous areas and providing crucial safety insights.
  • Accelerating Data Collection: LiDAR technology is adept at scanning areas covered in vegetation swiftly. Drones equipped with LiDAR significantly enhance data collection speed, especially for expansive mining sites.
  • Cost Efficiency and Revenue Maximization: LiDAR not only offers an efficient means of gathering comprehensive data but also contributes to reducing time and labor costs. The long-term benefits include precise volumetric data provided by LiDAR drones, offering more accurate estimates of production and maximizing revenue potential for organizations.



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