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Land Survey
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Why Should you survey your Landed property?

Having your property surveyed can be essential for various reasons, providing valuable information and legal clarity. Here are several reasons why you might consider having your property surveyed:

  1. Boundary Identification:
    • Prevent Disputes: A property survey clearly defines the boundaries of your land, reducing the risk of boundary disputes with neighbors.
  2. Property Ownership Verification:
    • Legal Clarity: A survey provides legal documentation confirming your property boundaries and ownership, which can be crucial for legal and financial transactions.
  3. Encroachment Prevention:
    • Avoid Legal Issues: Identifying encroachments early on helps prevent potential legal issues with neighboring properties, ensuring you retain full use of your land.
  4. Construction Planning:
    • Accurate Planning: A survey provides accurate information for construction projects, helping you plan structures, fences, or landscaping within your property boundaries.
  5. Zoning Compliance:
    • Regulatory Compliance: Property surveys help ensure that your current land use and any planned developments comply with local zoning regulations.
  6. Title Insurance Requirements:
    • Secure Title Insurance: Some title insurance companies require a recent survey to provide coverage, especially for newly purchased properties.
  7. Easement Awareness:
    • Understand Rights: Surveys identify any existing easements on your property, allowing you to understand and protect your rights and responsibilities.
  8. Land Division or Sale:
    • Smooth Transactions: Before selling or dividing land, a survey is often necessary to establish accurate property boundaries and legal descriptions.
  9. Flood Risk Assessment:
    • Floodplain Identification: Surveys can identify whether your property is within a floodplain, providing crucial information for insurance and risk assessment.
  10. Property Value Determination:
    • Accurate Valuation: Accurate property boundaries contribute to a precise assessment of your property’s value for potential sales or refinancing.
  11. Mortgage Approval:
    • Lender Requirements: Some lenders may require a survey before approving a mortgage to ensure the property’s legal status.
  12. Peace of Mind:
    • Confidence in Ownership: Knowing the precise boundaries of your property and understanding any potential issues provides peace of mind as a property owner.
  13. Land Development Planning:
    • Strategic Planning: For larger landowners, surveys are crucial in planning and developing the land efficiently while complying with local regulations.
  14. Property Tax Assessment:
    • Accurate Taxation: A survey can contribute to accurate property tax assessments based on the true size and boundaries of your property.
  15. Historical Research:
    • Documenting Changes: Property surveys may reveal historical changes to your land, helping you understand its evolution over time.

Having a property surveyed is an investment that can save you from legal disputes, provide a clear understanding of your property’s characteristics, and contribute to successful property transactions and developments.

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