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Drone for Roof Inspection

Drone for Roof Inspection

Drone survey and services in Nigeria

Drone For Roof Inspection – A building without a roof is not habitable because it lacks shelter which is one the basic amenities of living. A roof is the top covering of a building which provides protection against sunlight, rain, snow, wind and extreme weather temperature. A building without a roof is considered incomplete. Roof with different designs brings out the beauty of a building. They also come in different types and varieties, they can be aluminium, ceramics and many others. But roofing a building without maintenance and steady inspection might lead to further damage or leakage. Inspection of roofs can be done by climbing the roof and actually walk around, on top of the roof and take pictures of the obvious areas detected around the roof and sometimes on the process of the inspection, further damages might be created through the effect of  walking around the roof for inspections and assessment and also there is high risk in this process where by a tall building might be difficult to climb. Ladders can stop at a specific point. So finding a ladder that will accompany the inspector to the top of the roof is a task to be put into consideration. There is high risk of falling from the roof as a result of wind blow or inspection of a high slope roofs which will likely lead to imbalance of the worker and might lead to falling, serious injuries might be acquired as a result of the fall or sometimes death. But instead of going through these risks, drones can be used to achieve a perfect result stress free.

Why Using Drone for Roof Inspection

  • To provide safe roof inspection exercise: Using a drone eliminates most of the risk associated with the conventional method of roof inspection. In a difficult situation where there are complex designs, great height, high slope or deterioration of the roof can pose risks to inspector.
  • Ability to collect detailed data: The drone can capture more detailed and useful information and it can also be able to access almost any part of the building and providing high quality images and videos.
  • It makes the job easier and faster: Unlike the traditional method where a lot of preparations are done before embarking on the job. Equipment like ladders and scaffold are needed to do the job. This will take time to mount and in doing all these, a drone can be controlled immediately for the job in a short time with the help of the software like DJI GO, the work is even made easier.
  • It involves less personnel: Two persons is enough for the inspection where by one of them can act as the observer and the other will be the one controlling the drone without much stress. There by minimizing the number of workers needed for the roof inspection.
  • It can reduce the insurance cost: Using the conventional method increases the cost of insurance.
  • Provision of more accurate data and measurement in roof inspection: Drone provides accurate data and measurement which is one of the benefits and reason why we should use drone for roof assessment.

Many types of drones can be used for roof inspection. Pictures of the roof are taken when the drone flies over the roof. The picture will indicate the spot where there are changes on the roof surface and further analysis will be made

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